Local Attractions and Places of Interest

If you’re driving from Melbourne to Mildura, an overnight stay at Mt. Wycheproof Motor Inn is just what you need. But while you’re here, you won’t want to miss out on taking in some of the local attractions and places of interest. Enjoy the relaxing pace while taking in the unique and appealing country community well known for the wheat trains that regularly amble through the centre of town. There are many features in this township to explore during your stay.

The Artwork of Jimmy Johnson

You can’t stay in Wycheproof without catching up with  Jimmy Johnson, a local who sculpts and creates fascinating art using unconventional materials such as discarded pieces of machinery. Well worth a visit and chat with this interesting local!

Tourists with a creative appetite will love the local Coin Art Gallery.

Mt Wycheproof’s claim to fame is that of the smallest registered mountain in the world. It is 148m above sea level and just 43m above the surrounding plains.

Willandra Museum

Willandra Museum is recommended viewing for a taste of Wycheproof history and includes an extensive collection of signage, farming equipment, homewares, devices, photos and other memorabilia from a bygone era.


If you’re seeking out additional entertainment, Wycheproof hosts a variety of events in and around town. Music on the Mount, held on the summit of Mount Wycheproof draws performances from a diverse range of talented local and national musicians. For a day of food, fun and education consider the Great Grain Festival; a celebration of local agriculture and community spirit that includes barbeque breakfasts, open days in notable buildings and businesses, tours and markets.

More information on events, shows and tournaments can be obtained through the Wimmera Mallee Tourism Association.

Meals & Dining

Lake Tyrrell Night Lights

Lake Tyrrell is one of those hidden gems that many overseas tourists are starting to discover.

It’s a perfect spot because the 208sq km salt lake is very flat and very dark and the lights shine over the calm lake creating a majestical show.

We welcome any overseas tourists to come and stay at our motel and we can organise a tour of the lights at sunset followed by a meal at the local hotel here in Wycheproof.

Contact Graeme and Julie Perkins on 03 5493 7224 for more information

Mt Wycheproof

The smallest mountain in the world
The halfway town between Melbourne and Mildura, Wycheproof is a great place to stop for a breather mid-road trip. Drive up and down the Main St, Broadway, to get your bearings, check into our motor inn, then headed straight for the first thing on your itinerary – to climb a mountain.
Not just any old mountain, Mt Wycheproof is the smallest registered mountain in the world. Less than 1km from the town centre, it’s an easy walk (or ride/drive) to its 43m summit. The surrounding plains below are a patchwork of colours; brown earth, golden grasses and fields of bright green signalling the new growth of the local crops, barley and wheat.
Put that on your bucket list!


The distinct Mount Wycheproof is the smallest mountain in the world also hosts the popular annual race to the mountain summit. The reserve has a lookout and number of different walking tracks amongst distinctive flora and rock formations. To the north of the town lies Centenary Park, a pleasant location to relax and stretch your legs under the shade of an old tree or indulge in a picnic. The park has two bird aviaries, children’s playground and BBQ facilities. Have a fun day in Wycheproof!


The Mount Wycheproof Cup (otherwise known as Derby Day in the Country) is held at the scenic Mount Wycheproof Racecourse. Dress up and get involved in race day’s Fashions on the Field, enjoy the excitement of each race, and even televised coverage of Flemington’s races. With live music, plenty of activities for the children and a short walk to local amenities this is a wonderful activity for both locals and visitors.

Wycheproof Racing club
Wycheproof Racing club